Access Control System

Xtremevision UK provides wide range of Biometric Access Control system to secure your physical and intellectual property. When you install Biometric Access Control systems you not only protect your physical or intellectual property but it increases the credibility among your customers that you care for the security of their data’s and builds a good reputation about you and your company among your customers.

Xtremevision UK offers you affordable Biometric Access control system solutions in Dubai. We have wide range of Biometric access control systems for human identifications like Finger print, Iris, Voice and Hand Geometry.

What is Access Control system?

Access Control system is an electronic security system which can restrict unauthorized persons accessing your place or resources.

What is Biometric Access Control System?

To identify peoples using their physical identities like fingerprint, iris, voice and hand geometry and allow or disallow them to a particular access is called as Biometric Access control systems.

How it works?

When an access is granted for a person the door unlocks and allows the person to access your secured area and all his/her transactions are recorded digitally. When the access is refused the door remains locked to the user and the attempted access is recorded digitally. Allows companies to restrict or grant permissions strictly to authorized persons.