How to choose AHD cameras from INDIAN Market

  • Do not just focus on resolution,but also focus on the solution(including sensor and chip) Chipset: mainly Nextchip chipset,we suggest NVP2431H and NVP2441H. Image Sensor: Mainly Sony,Aptina,OmniVision,other sensor brands,Its better use the first 3 image sensors.
  • Even its the same solution,you also need to test it,because the image quality could also have big difference based on different technical level.
  • What is the difference of difference solutions? We compare them from Daytime image quality,nightime Image quality and true color.
0MP 720P:
NVP2431H+OV9712(OmniVision):Sell most totally in 1.0MP solutions with a history of 7 years,not so cost-effective now. Daytime:B+ Nightime:B- True color:B
NVP2431H+H42(Silicon Optronics):Most popular solution at present.Lower price than Solution a. Daytime:B+ Nighttime:B True color:B
NVP2431H+BYD3016(BYD):Lowest price,for price senstive customer. Do not suggest.
3MP 960P:
NVP2431H+AR0130(Aptina):Most cost effective in 1.3MP solution. Daytime: A- Nighttime: B+ True color: B+
NVP2431H+IMX225(Sony):Becasue of short supply of IMX238,Sony IMX225 is going to replace Sony IMX238,very little difference from Sony IMX238. Daytime:A Nighttime:A True Color:A
NVP2431H+IMX238(Sony):In short supply now,Very good image quality in night and true color. Daytime:A Nighttime:A True Color:A+
0MP 1080P:
NVP2441H+Sony IMX222(Sony):Sensor also in short supply,little difference from IMX322 sensor. Daytime:A+ Nighttime:A+ True Color:A
NVP2441H+Sony IMX322(Sony):Sell more and more because of high resolution demand,price getting cheaper and cheaper. Daytime:A+ Nighttime:A+ True Color:A
NVP2441H+0230(Aptina): New solution,not as good as Sony IMX322 in night and true color,but lower price. Daytime:A+ Nighttime:A True Color:A Here below is the comparison of 1.3MP AR0130 and IMX255 and 2.0MP Sony IMX322.